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What is IP Access?

(IP = Internetworking Protocol)

The internet protocol represents the core of the TCP/IP protocol, which contains the basic service of the network the dispatch of data parcels via various carrier networks (such as Ethernet or X.25).

In the course of ongoing technical development and the increased use of the internet, this protocol has been made available to many more service, for instance electronic mail (email), internet telephony (Voice over IP), the control and monitoring of automatic processes and worldwide access to a great variety of databases.

The required hardware for using these services either privately or for business are in many cases already available:
  • Mobile phones
  • Home computers
  • Large-scale company computer networks
  • Internet cafes
  • Palmtop computers

Companies such as WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH have realized that it would be very useful to users to be able to control automated processes (at home, in industry or in the office) using an existing IP infrastructure. They have developed a technology which integrates direct IP access, thereby making it possible, at no additional hardware cost, to access a worldwide network the internet for transmitting data. The possible data exchanges are varied:

  • SMS transmission in mobile phone networks
  • Email communication
  • WEB pages that incorporate detailed presentations of certain data

The data types that can be transmitted or received depend on the application and its function. They include alarms, control and monitoring systems, limiters, consumption data, comfort data.