Casamatik S.L.





This medium-sized, family-run company from Lüdenscheid has been making its presence felt in the field of modern electrical installations for over 80 years. PEHA stands for a high-quality, forceful range of products, that offers everything for professionals and users attractive switching systems for all requirements, a versatile, future-proof building system technology, innovative radio solutions and custom developments.


In our ELECTRONICC business area, we develop electronic components for non-centralised automation technology. We concentrate on our core competences, provide interfaces, and enable the construction of powerful systems in association with our cooperation partners in the field of ELECTRONICC.


Top quality sensory systems for building electronic systems are our product. Custom solutions in the fields of temperature, relative humidity, and illumination are our speciality. A high level of living comfort, an increased feeling of wellness, and, not least, economic use of our planet's energy are our goals.



"Non-battery radio sensors are being used more and more in many areas of our lives. Whether at home, in the car, in the office or in our valuable leisure time, there are always new ways of switching things or recording states. No complicated installation, highly efficient use of our limited resources it is the joy of innovative solutions that keeps our team together and that will also fascinate you!" Markus Brehler, CEO.


Project management, construction, implementation, programming and maintenance of innovative solutions in the field of building and house automation.